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  REALITY BASED SELF DEFENSE    PHOENIX JEET KUNE DO offers higher level education in personal defense and street survival.
Welcome   to   Phoenix   JKD   institute   one   of   the   most   highly   respected   and     innovated   mixed   martial   arts   programs   in   the   world.   Open   to   the   public     for   the   past   19   years,   we   are   the   only   school   in   Phoenix   that   has   the     experience   and   lineage   to   equip   our   students   with   a   complete   martial     sport   and   martial   combat   set   of   programs.   We   offer   world-class   training     in   Bruce   Lee’s      Jeet   Kune   Do   Concepts   (JKD),   Filipino   Martial   Arts,   Muay Thai,   Wrestling   and   Brazilian   Jiu-Jitsu.   We   also   combine   those   arts   in     their   most   effective   states   to   offer   practical   self-defense,   fitness   and mental training for men and women for life enhancement.
                             (480) 489-7202                   301 W. Mohave St, Phoenix, AZ 85003