REALITY BASED SELF DEFENSE PHOENIX JEET KUNE DO offers higher level education in personal defense and street survival. Located in Tempe AZ, we provide a safe comfortable and friendly environment to learn self defense. We teach reality, not theory
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The GFT is rated as one of the top BJJ teams in the world!
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, the most effective self-defense art for ground fighting is being actively taught at the Shahram Moosavi Jiu-jitsu Training Center. Mr. Moosavi has been training in that art since 1992. He is one of the top black belts in Brazilian Jiujitsu having received his rank by actually traveling to Brazil to test his skill authentically in Brazilian Jiujitsu. He is representing GFTeam, founded and led by Master Julio Cesar Pereira - one of the most well known and competitive Jiujitsu organizations in Rio de Janeiro and around the world. Shahram Moosavi’s training lineage in Jiujitsu goes back to not only Kanō Jigorō, Mitsuyo Maeda, Oswaldo Fadda, but also, to Carlson Gracie and Hélio Gracie, all of whom contributed greatly to the expansion of the science and art of Jiujitsu. We will forever be thankful for their efforts in the early development of the art! Today what Professor Shahram Moosavi has done, which is quite unique in order to advance his Brazilian Jiujitsu students is to utilize elements from not only Persian Wrestling, but also Western Wrestling, Russian Sambo, Catch Wrestling, and some of the most useful principles from both JKD concepts and Filipino Kali in order to enhance the students’ understanding of Brazilian Jiujitsu, both in terms of its intuitive application of forces, but also, its general understanding of physics and geometry. Regardless of one’s age and abilities, learning ground fighting would be a necessary elements and one of the four ranges (kicking, punching, trapping/clinching, and ground fighting) that a fight could occur in. Since one cannot pick and choose one’s range in a fight, it is imperative to become familiar with all four ranges and be able to easily move in and out of those ranges with confidence. Those who lack Jiujitsu training could never claim to have grasped the totality of self-defense. Here at Shahram Moosavi’s Jiujitsu training center, we train with both Kimonos (Gi uniforms) as well as without kimonos. Also, those who are interested in sports Jiujitsu are also encouraged to participate in those events since they can enhance your natural abilities and being able to act under pressure. Keep in mind, most of the sports Jiujitsu positions and submissions are directly applied to real fights and in only few cases there may be some slight differences between Jiujitsu used in street as suppose to sports competition aspect of Brazilian Jiujitsu. Competitions are encouraged but are not a mandatory aspect of our Jiujitsu curriculum. One other aspect of Brazilian Jiujitsu which we consider very important is that the art has also proved itself to be a great tool for a healthy social setting and a great platform for not only adults to thrive on, but also for children to be involved. We have a very healthy group environment that can act as a positive force in people’s lives as they participate in with a great team of athletes that constantly reinforce health, longevity, and discipline with the rest of teammates. Injury prevention, strength and stamina development, nutritional intake, balancing body chemistry, as well as emotional and psychological health are always taught and mentioned in classes, workshops, and seminars. For private, semi private and accelerated programs, you can contact the Training Center or the Institute for further guidelines.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu