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JjJeet Kune Do
Jeet Kune Do: is the core of our martial arts philosophy that we teach in our school and it is the scientific art of street fighting developed by Bruce Lee. Lee developed a way of self defense to end a fight that was simple, direct, and economical.  
      Our goal in JKD is to help the average      person develop skills to: Win and survive a real, no-rules street fight Prepare for virtually any and every type of         violent situation Overcome a much bigger, stronger and        more dangerous opponent.
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  REALITY BASED SELF DEFENSE    PHOENIX JEET KUNE DO offers higher level education in personal defense and street survival.
In   the   past,   many   have   tried   to   define   JKD   in   terms   of   a distinct    style:    Bruce    Lee's    kung-fu;    Bruce    Lee's    karate; Bruce     Lee's     kickboxing;     Bruce     Lee's     system     of     street fighting.    To    label    JKD    "Bruce    Lee's    martial    art"    is    to completely   mistake   Bruce   Lee's   -   and   JKD's-meaning.   JKD's concepts   simply   cannot   be   confined   within   a   single   system. To understand   this,   a   martial   artist   must   transcend   the   duality of    "for"    and    "against,"    reaching    for    that    point    of    unity which   is   beyond   mere   distinction.   The   understanding   of   JKD is   the   direct   intuition   of   this   point   of   unity.   According   to Bruce   Lee,   knowledge   in   the   martial   arts   ultimately   means self-knowledge. It   must   be   emphasized   that   Jeet   Kune   Do   is   merely   a   name,   a mirror   reflecting   ourselves.   There   is   a   sort   of   progressive approach   to   JKD   training,   but   as   Lee   observed:   "To   create   a method    of    fighting    is    like    putting    a    pound    of    water    into wrapping   paper   and   shaping   it."   Structurally,   many   people mistake   JKD   as   a   composite   style   of   martial   art   because   of   its efficiency. At   any   given   time   Jeet   Kune   Do   can   resemble Thai boxing   or   wing   Chun   or   wrestling   or   karate.   Its   weaponry resembles      Filipino      Escrima      and      kali;      in      long-range application    it    can    resemble    Northern    Chinese    kung-fu    or Savate. According   to   Lee,   the   efficiency   of   any   style   depends   upon circumstances   and   the   fighting   range   of   distance:   the   soldier employs   a   hand   grenade   at   50   yards,   but   he   chooses   a   dagger for   close-quarters   combat. A   staff,   to   take   another   example,   is the   wrong   weapon   to   take   to   a   fight   in   a   telephone   booth;   a knife would again be the most appropriate weapon. Jeet   Kune   Do   is   neither   opposed   or   unopposed   to   the   concept of   style.   We   can   say   that   it   is   outside   as   well   as   inside   of   all particular    structures.    Because    JKD    makes    no    claim    to existing   as   a   style,   some   individuals   conclude   that   it   is   neutral or   indifferent   to   the   question.   Again,   this   is   not   the   case,   for JKD is at once "this" and "not this." by   Dan   Inosanto   (the   only   person   ever   certified   by   Bruce   Lee to teach)
We   teach   authentic   JKD   and   incorporate original lesson plans written by Bruce Lee.
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“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” - Bruce Lee
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