REALITY BASED SELF DEFENSE    PHOENIX JEET KUNE DO offers higher level education in personal defense and street survival. Located in Tempe AZ, we provide a safe comfortable and friendly environment                                        to learn self defense.   We teach reality, not theory
Students must obtain and their uniforms within the first month of registration Students and participants must follow standards of cleanliness and hygiene Students must have their own personal gear (i.e., gloves, headgears, etc) Students maintain a respectful attitude towards their instructors and fellow partners Students and instructors have a cooperative and complimentary roles at all times Students at a lower rank may suggest ideas to higher rank students, but with respect and dignity and never with the idea of trying to teach them Students must have their finger nails short or trimmed while at the Institute Students must treat their partners as teammates and not trophies, and prevent injuries Students may contact the Institute, if an emergency has occurred that may prevent them from participation for more than a month, so out of courtesy, the Institute can (does not have to) freeze the student’s membership for that period of time, but documents of proof must be provided to the Institute in order to freeze membership No filming or pictures, from the instructors may be taken without permission No filming or pictures of the instructors at the Institute may be posted on social media without permission Students with physical limitations and injuries must provide doctors note as to what they can or cannot perform as physical activity All instructors maintain professional attitude and provide the best quality instruction for the students as set by the Institute’s guidelines and standards Students must become unique standards in selflessness, truthfulness, love, compassion, trustworthiness, patience, resilience, humility, courage, and fearlessness no matter where they are in life Students must adhere to the principles of empirical science rather than blind imitations Students who abuse the Art in the streets will be expelled from the Institute Students must represent the Institute in a competent way and be as torch bearers of its standards Students must be patient and not argumentative Students and instructors are not allowed to press their own personal opinions on issues of politics and religions while in the training area, as they would offset the unity and the spirit of the team and create division among teammates Students must realize that our Art is multi-faceted and the components of the Art are infinitely intertwined with each other, and therefore they must learn to adapt to various scenarios, attitudes, and circumstances as they are learning how to approach a life threatening, and an inevitable street encounter. • If there is any injury during the training the student is responsible to inform the instructor immediately • The Institute’s aim is to provide a professional atmosphere for learning and development and therefore does not allow any person of pride to disturb the learning atmosphere of other students. He or she will be escorted out of the premises----[only] by the trained instructors Students cannot interfere or judge the nature of any physical movements while the instructors are present ----this is the instructors’ job and responsibility. The Institute asks to focus on your own training and not the training of other students who are working with other partners
Phoenix JKD Institute Policies and Procedures
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